Alex Murdaugh’s lawyer tells Chris Cuomo that trial was a ‘miscarriage of justice’


A lawyer for convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh said he was “shocked” when the jury returned a guilty verdict so quickly, and called the end result of the sensational trial “a miscarriage of justice.”

“There was six weeks of evidence and there was so little evidence on the actual murders. There’s no murder weapons. There’s no bloody clothes. There’s no motive to the murder,” Jim Griffin told Chris Cuomo on NewsNation Friday night. “We thought the jury would have to work through a lot of that.”

One juror has said it took the panel less than an hour Thursday to find Murdaugh, 54, guilty of killing his wife, Maggie, 52, and son, Paul, 22, in 2021.

 “That’s not a deliberation. That is concerning frankly,” Griffin told Cuomo.

Griffin insisted to Cuomo that members of the Murdaugh family came away from the trial “more convinced than ever that he did not do it.”

Jim Griffin Chris Cuomo
Alex Murdaugh’s lawyer Jim Griffin told Chris Cuomo he was “shocked” by the speed of jury deliberations.

Asked why Murdaugh, a disbarred lawyer, took the witness stand, Griffin called it a “hail Mary” move. It came after Murdaugh admitted lying about his whereabouts the night his wife and son were killed.

“Frankly, we had to throw a hail Mary by putting him on the stand, to explain the lie, explain why he cheated, explain why he stole and because of his drug addiction,” Griffin said. “We had hoped that jurors had experience, whether family members or relatives, of how drug addicts lie, cheat and steal. And they would have understanding of that. Obviously, that did not work.”

Murdaugh received two life sentences Friday.

His lawyers intend to appeal.


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