Why do some people have a solid business, cars, apartments, travel, and others do have nothing? More precisely, everything, too, but with a note “on the contrary” as failures, loans, and unloved work. What are these people missing for that? If you’ve read a bunch of books on how to become successful people, but you still think it’s hard, it is not so. There are some main distinctive principles of achievers, which ensure their success, and the rest, as they say, will come with themselves. So, here is how to achieve your goals.


This is the first and most important thing! If you go with the flow without a specific goal, you’re bound to end up swamped. One of the important qualities of a successful person is that he knows how to properly “package” dreams into goals. Because just an ephemeral phrase: “I want to be successful” does not work. The goal must be specific and have numbers. For example, look at the dream of becoming financially independent. And translate it into a specific goal. For example, to double your income.

The goal must be also limited in time – the selected deadline already dictates the result, which should strive, and achievable (real) – each goal has a price. To get it, you have to give: energy, effort, time. Think about what you will need to achieve your goal? Is everything enough? Yes – go for it. No – go back to point 1 and adjust the goal. And it must be inspiring! If you have a clear aim, you won’t procrastinate in form of gambling on brand new online slots for example but will be able to concentrate on your work and also find time to relax.


Energy is “supplied” by our psyche. To produce a portion of energy, it needs a clear picture, the most detailed image: you need exactly know what you want, how you want to get it, when and where it should happen, who will be with you at that moment and what you’re experiencing: what emotions and feelings.

And if your body starts to enjoy the image you have created in your mind at the level of sensations, then your psyche immediately gives out energy to achieve this goal for the sake of enjoying it. But there’s one thing that’s important to keep in mind here. Everyone is given a certain amount of energy at birth, designed for the realization of a particular person’s life project, talents, and purpose.

If a person regularly dreams and receives energy from the psyche but does nothing and does not achieve what he wants, his energy dries up and his life battery goes dead.

And vice versa – if you’ve realized the energy you allocated, achieved the desired goal, then the energy returns to you with interest. This is how our psyche experiences a “mental orgasm” through goal achievement, which can be many times stronger and more pleasurable than the usual physiological one.


This is the third, but no less important condition to achieve success. Successful people act always even if they are scared or tired. There is a popular phrase that success is the number of attempts. So, in any unclear situation, we act. The main thing is to act regularly and persistently.

There is only one way to fulfil a wish: to start acting. Well, there is no other option. They have not invented it yet. Your actions will bring you concrete results, the same endless reflections (fears, doubts, attempts to calculate the future and so on in the same style) will often give you nothing but a headache. There’s no such thing among the principles of successful people.


However, regularity also plays a huge role. That’s why a million books are written about the habits of successful people: getting up at 5 a.m., exercising, going to bed on time, etc. Of course, to become a successful person in life, habits can be completely different, but all of them are aimed at pumping regularity, which rocks the will.

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