Plant Powered Cleaning Products That Work

One of the simplest methods to transition to a more sustainable way of life is to get eco cleaning solutions for your home.

As more of us challenge the old mainstream brands that depended on single-use plastic and man-made chemicals, eco-friendly or green cleaning is seeing a surge in popularity.

Instead, we’re reverting to more traditional approaches, such as combining lemon, white vinegar, soda in various combinations, or turning to new products that emphasize plant-based ingredients and zero-waste packaging.

But, there are safe cleaning products that combine these ingredients and sell the cleaning solutions at a relatively lower price than other expensive cleaning agents in the market.

Let’s find out about them here.

The Best Plant-Powered Cleaning Products Of 2022

All the products that we will be mentioning below are made from natural ingredients and plant extracts. So, you can imagine how eco-friendly they are, which is why we don’t hesitate to rave about them.

Let’s take a look at them now:

1: Clean Living Biological All-Purpose Cleaner

Clean Living, a new eco-cleaning brand, has a full refillable system in place that employs concentrated pouches of plant-based cleaning mixtures and refillable metal bottles to eliminate the need for single-use plastic cleaning products or purchasing them from a store.

Clean Living’s products are 100% natural, PH neutral, vegan friendly, and non-toxic to aquatic life.

They don’t even use water to reduce carbon emissions and transportation expenses.

So, you may order as many sachets as you need and recycle the ones that aren’t used.

2: Homethings Cleaning Tablets

The green cleaning market has just gotten a whole lot more exciting, thanks to the launch of Homethings, a brand new cleaning company that sells refillable household eco-cleaning supplies.

Homethings has distilled the cleaning power into non-toxic, effervescent tablets, allowing customers to refill the same container with merely tap water at home over and over again.

Homethings sends you the tablets in the mail and you dilute them at home in reusable bottles or old bottles you have on hand, drawing inspiration from zero waste pioneers and the circular economy.

There are no harmful substances or hidden hazards in any of them.

3: Safely Essential Home Kit

If you don’t want to go all Downton Abbey with your packaging, try Safely’s non-toxic products.

Each product in the Safely Essential cleaning kit product is created with non-toxic, fragrance-free, and contains only food-grade ingredients.

Its plastic-free bottles have become a bestseller since it’s free of synthetic detergents, phosphates, scents, and preservatives.

It’s created from 100% coconut oil soap and natural minerals.

4: Smol Dishwasher Detergent

Smol, an eco-friendly laundry and dishwasher capsule business that delivers directly to your door, has produced child-safe packaging that is 100 % plastic-free.

This green competitor brand has been in development for two years.

It offers cruelty-free cleaning capsules with no animal-derived components, less chemicals than store alternatives, and plastic-free packaging.

When compared to standard dishwasher and laundry products, each box of Smol cleaning capsules saves 60 grammes of plastic.


The 24 pack of capsules arrives in cardboard packaging through your letterbox at intervals to suit your washing needs, and for a fraction of the cost of conventional brands.

5: Seventh Generation Disinfectant

Seventh Generation, a brand new to the UK, has a line of sustainable cleaning products that are derived from plant extracts.

They have spent the last 30 years in the United States testing and refining their product line, which is now available in the United Kingdom.

From dishwasher tablets to disinfectants, these cleaning products avoid all needless chemicals and contain only natural essential oils and botanical extracts, with no synthetic smells or colors.

ile their entire package is made entirely of recycled materials, their new brown cardboard bottles are produced entirely of recycled fibers.

Putting It All Together

If you still are not convinced about which plant-powered products to use in your home cleaning routine, you can take a look at our list.

However, there are some ingredients like nuts, whole grains, and seed extract standards in all of these products that you must know all about before you make your purchase.

However, if you require more information on them, let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.


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