Dallas Commercial Cleaning Guide

Are you thinking about hiring a commercial cleaner in Dallas?

It is great to get some knowledge about what they will cover before spending your money on a commercial cleaning option.

General Commercial Cleaning

Obviously, cleaning is the core of the commercial cleaner’s job. Usually, the job of commercial cleaners includes the following things.

  • Buffing and dusting furniture.
  • Vacuum and mopping floors.
  • Removing cobwebs.
  • Cleaning under the appliances and furniture.
  • Wiping door handrails door handles, along with other high-touch areas.
  • Spot-cleaning of doors, walls, and other similar surfaces.
  • Cleaning external premises.
  • Emptying trash bins along with removing recycling.
  • Scrubbing and cleaning toilets.
  • Cleaning and also sanitizing the kitchen and lunchrooms.

On the basis of the service provider, a commercial cleaner also can perform some other tasks as well include deep disinfecting against viruses such as COVID-19 despite a relatively low rate of contraction. Restaurants have kitchen and dining areas, which need more thorough cleaning and even degrading at a regulated interval of times.

At the same time, schools and colleges required extra attention in the cafeteria and bathroom. Commercial cleaning services also offer glass or window cleaning. They offer it, particularly for offices and restaurants, where they have glass doors, large windows, and similar features.

What Does A Commercial Cleaner Do?

You have got a basic understanding of what commercial cleaners do. Now, here is a detailed discussion about some of the major job responsibilities.

1: Floor Cleaning And Carpet Cleaning

In the previous section, we have already mentioned that vacuuming and cleaning the floors are an immense part of the commercial cleaners’ responsibilities. There are also some particular types of following materials, which require special attention.

Concrete, ceramic, and stone floors could get damaged really easy in case you use the wrong type of cleaner. On the other hand, all those hardwood floors are always susceptible to water damage and can get ruined by steam and soap-based cleaners.

2: Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is the utmost level of cleaning in order to kill every type of viruses and germs. Deep cleaning has become too vital to avoid, especially due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Different commercial cleaning companies in Dallas might have different deep-cleaning requirements.

Healthcare facilities usually require a more frequent schedule along with higher levels of deep cleaning and infection control than compared to offices. In case someone at the office or the premises has contracted a highly contagious disease, intensive deep-cleaning is always recommended.

3: Sanitizing

Along with making the entire premises free from grime and dirt, their duty also includes making the place free from germs and bacteria. Especially due to the global coronavirus pandemic, sanitization has become an inseparable part of our cleaning routine.

By using safe and EPA-approved chemicals along with disinfectants, commercial cleaners always maintain high standards of sanitization. Especially in restaurants and schools, this sanitization thing is extremely important to avoid health crises such as disease outbreaks.

4: Removing Graffiti

Here, you need to keep one thing in mind: not every commercial cleaning service provider comes with graffiti removal services. But, those providers, who often use high jets of water or chemicals in order to remove the paint, also do graffiti removing tasks as well.

Sometimes, some hard-bristled brushes can also be used for scrubbing non-delicate surfaces. Often business owners opt for painting over graffiti instead of going with a commercial cleaner. In this case, several layers are created, which can peel off over time.

5: Restocking Supplies

There are a lot of commercial cleaners who also conduct a thorough inspection and replenishment of cleaning along with hygiene supplies in their particular service packages. This is another hectic task for the office managers to look out for.

Here are some of the supplies that commercial cleaners usually monitor.

  • Hand soaps.
  • Toilet paper products.
  • Feminine hygiene products in the bathroom.
  • Trash bags.
  • Dish soaps.
  • Stack of paper towels.

6: Taking Note Of Problem Areas

For doing their jobs in the proper way, commercial cleaners must be thorough. They can easily identify problems, like stained carpets, damaged furniture, or even pest infestations. All these things are reported to the person who is in charge.

By addressing these issues, they also ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of the commercial space. Usually, the commercial cleaners report those noted things to the managers of the premises.

To Conclude

Now, you know the tasks commercial cleaners do. If you are thinking of opting for one, before selecting, be very cleaner about your requirements and the packages the commercial cleaners are providing.


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