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One Piece Has Already Revealed Its Mysterious Egghead Traitor


One Piece has already provided all the clues needed to figure out the mysterious traitor who has sabotaged Vegapunk’s lab in Egghead Island.

One Piece is recently entertaining its readers with an Among Us-style mystery, as the Straw Hats are trying to figure out who is the traitor that has sabotaged Vegapunk’s laboratory in Egghead Island. However, author Eiichiro Oda has actually already provided all the clues needed to figure out the culprit.

In the current One Piece story arc, the Straw Hat Pirates have arrived at Egghead Island, where the laboratory of the legendary scientist Dr. Vegapunk is located. After befriending Vegapunk and learning that the World Government has decided to get rid of him, Luffy and his friends have to defend him from the CP0 assassins, including old foes Rob Lucci and Kaku. The Straw Hats, along with Vegapunk Stella and his six clones/duplicates, retreat inside Labophase where they should be safe. However, the defense systems of the laboratory are mysteriously sabotaged, and shortly after that, the original Vegapunk disappears, proving that there is a traitor in the group.


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Every Clue Points At Vegapunk Edison As The Traitor

vegapunk edison in one piece

By paying careful attention to the story until now, it’s possible to conclude that the only possible traitor is Vegapunk Edison, one of the six clones that the scientist created to share his workload (and his brain). The key clue comes from the Seraphim, the strongest soldiers created by Vegapunk by cloning the DNA of the Seven Warlords and the Lunarian tribe. The Seraphim take orders from a precise chain of command, which has the Five Elders at the top, followed by Vegapunk Stella, then the seven “satellites”, and finally whoever has an “authority chip”. Right after the frontier dome shield was sabotaged, the Seraphim inside Labophase started attacking the Straw Hats and the Vegapunk, overriding their previous order to stop fighting.

The person who gave that order was Vegapunk Edison, the clone responsible for thinking and coming up with new ideas. When an order is given to a Seraphim, it can only be overwritten by either the person who gave it or someone higher up in the command hierarchy, in this case, either the original Vegapunk or one of the Five Elders. Considering that Vegapunk Stella has been kidnapped, this means that only Edison could have canceled his previous order and told the Seraphim to attack. Edison is also the only Vegapunk who has no alibi for the moment when the frontier dome was sabotaged. Finally, in chapter #1076, Luffy hears a scream from Nami, who is searching for Stella in a group that includes Edison too.

One Piece Can Incorporate Different Genres To Remain Fresh

There are other possible traitors too, and Edison could be just a red herring. The order to the Seraphim could have been given by one of the Five Elders, Jaygarcia Saturn, who is currently on a Navy battleship in the waters of Egghead Island, but it’s unclear how and when he could have infiltrated the laboratory. This little “betrayal mystery” story is proving to be very entertaining, and it shows that this manga is able to adapt to incorporate different genres, which is one of the reasons why, even after 25 years, One Piece remains a fresh and entertaining story.

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The latest chapter of One Piece is available from Viz Media.


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