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Sister Wives’ Maddie Blasted For Promoting Plexus As Pregnancy Safe


Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush receives a lot of backlash from followers who are frustrated with her use of Plexus after her pregnancy.

Followers of Sister Wives were quick to notice how Maddie Brown Brush started to push her Plexus drink after she had her baby and have been left with multiple concerns. Maddie has been out of the TLC spotlight for multiple years after marrying Caleb Brush and starting her own family. She seems to be trying to make a living off of promoting products like Plexus.

Only weeks after having her third child, Maddie has been getting back to work and pushing her Plexus agenda. Sister Wives viewers were a bit shocked when her most recent video showed her making a drink while still nursing her newborn.

The daughter of Janelle and Kody Brown revealed that her postpartum with Evie had been extremely difficult as she revealed she cut corners trying to lose the baby weight. Maddie shared she was making sure to take her recovery “slow” as she wanted to focus on her health instead of just losing the weight. But Sister Wives fans were uneasy about her process and questioned its safety. They immediately took to Reddit (in a thread started by Small-standard4889) to share their thoughts after it was noted that Maddie had turned off her comments on her own post, which raised a few eyebrows.

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Maddie Brown Brush from Sister Wives

The OP of the Reddit thread questioned if Plexus was even “pregnancy safe.” Others were curious if Maddie even drank the pink drink and was instead “falsely advertising.” They couldn’t understand why she would either willingly put her child at risk due to her ignorance or push a false narrative that the ingredients were safe to ingest, essentially hurting someone else’s child.

Sadly, Maddie has not been the only one to turn off her comments when it comes to a Plexus post. Christine and Janelle have done the same in the past, as they often receive negative feedback from Sister Wives fans. Plexus often comes across as a pyramid scheme with the company trying to push its weight loss gimmick. All three TLC stars have done well for themselves within the company, with each having won trips and earned quite a bit of money.

In February, Maddie welcomed her third child, Josephine Lee Brush, into the world. Maddie’s mother, Janelle, and Christine have already been out to North Carolina to visit the newest Sister Wives grandbaby. Everyone, including mother and daughter, seems to be doing well, but it’s clear that Maddie should think about adding a disclaimer when it comes to her Plexus drink on her future posts.

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Sources: Maddie Brown/Instagram, small-standard4889/Reddit


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