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Spider-Man’s Entire Multiverse Has Just Been Rewritten By Marvel


Warning: SPOILERS for Spider-Man: End of the Spider-Verse #6A huge revelation in Spider-Man: End of the Spider-Verse #6 sends the entire Multiverse centered around Marvel’s web-shooting hero crumbling down. It turns out that Peter Parker was never “the chosen one”, this role actually belongs to Silk, who, moments after discovering she is the “Queen of Spiders”, rewrites the entire Spider-Verse.

In Spider-Man: End of the Spider-Verse #6, by Dan Slott, Mark Bagley, John Dell, and Edgar Delgado, the multiversal team of spider-heroes continues its desperate battle against Shathra, the wasp totem and Elder Goddess who is taking over the Web of Life and Destiny that is the origin of the Spider-Verse, and rebuilding it in her image. When all hope seems lost, Cindy Moon, aka Silk, discovers that an ancient ritual dagger that the heroes found has the power to release the Spider Totems consumed by Morlun. Slicing the energy vampire in half, Silk releases the million of Spider Totems he devoured, who immediately proceed with their sacred duty: repairing the Web of Life and Destiny, removing Shathra’s dark influence. However, Silk’s decision will have catastrophic consequences for the multiverse.


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To Save The Spider-Verse, Silk May Have Just Destroyed It

silks frees the spider totems in end of the spider-verse
silks frees the spider totems in end of the spider-verse rewriting the web of life and destiny

Silk is a Korean American superheroine co-created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. Cindy Moon was bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker, but she had to remain hidden in a bunker for more than a decade, in an effort to hide from Morlun. After Peter learned of Cindy’s existence and freed her, she went on to become a fully-fledged spider-hero. During the first Spider-Verse event, Cindy assumed a key role as “the Bride”, one of the most important Spider Totems. However, this has all changed now.

The revelation that Cindy is not “the Bride” but “the Queen” of spiders completely changes Spider-Man’s entire cosmology. The End of the Spider-Verse event is trying to establish that Peter Parker is not, in fact, “the chosen one”, the most important Spider Totem. After the Peter Parker of Earth-616 was struck by Shathra’s Totem Dagger, and thus “erased” from the Web of Life and Destiny, the multiverse simply reshaped itself accordingly. In this new reality, Peter Parker is no longer Spider-Man, and his role of hero and protector is taken by Silk. This is the reason why Cindy was able to use the Totem Dagger to free the essences of the other Totems from Morlun: as the Queen, she is the most important Spider Totem of all.

Silk Is The Real “Chosen One” Of The Spider-Verse

If this incredible revelation was not enough, Silk’s actions have also triggered a wave of multiversal change that is affecting the entire Spider-Verse. While the consequences are still unclear, it’s possible that the liberated Spider-Totems are rebuilding the Web, which was completely corrupted by Shathra, from scratch, creating a whole new reality, “a complete reset“, as Spider-Girl says. Considering that this event is called End of the Spider-Verse, it’s easy to imagine that, as a result of Silk’s actions, Spider-Man‘s entire multiverse is going to be rewritten.

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Spider-Man: End of the Spider-Verse #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.


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