Dallas TikTok Momfluencer Nara Smith Is Getting Roasted For Doing Too Much


Momfluencing has gotten out of control. As if being a mother doesn’t come with enough day-to-day struggles, social media moms attempt to set the bar even higher.

Dallas has several TikTok personalities who’ve gone viral on the platform. There’s realtor Sara Williams, helping followers find affordable rentals in Dallas. There’s POV video queen Madison Humphrey.  And even Connor Hubbard, who wants to bring back “normal” living.

For years, TikTok has also been inundated with sad beige moms who feed their kids all-natural, vegan diets to match their own online brand and, for some reason, try to sell their needlessly complicated parenting lifestyle as the dream aesthetic. The latest Pinterest board mom who’s been frequenting everyone’s FYPs? Dallas’ own Nara Smith.

The model-turned-TikTok-star is the wife of fellow model Lucky Blue Smith, with whom she shares two toddlers and a third baby on the way. Every day, Nara Smith posts snippets of her life to her 2.6 million followers, often focusing on her roles as a wife and mother. She’s always seen dressed to the nines with perfect hair and makeup, and has a voice that could put you to sleep (in a good way). The 22-year-old has frequently said that “cooking is her love language,” and loves to film videos of herself preparing healthy meals for her family.

Like any good mom, Smith often takes requests from her kids, which fall along the lines of any normal toddler’s taste palate — PB&Js, Cocoa Puffs, pasta, and so on. But unlike any normal mom — or rather, human — who would pour store-bought cereal into a bowl or slap some Jif and Smucker’s on some Wonder Bread and call it a day, Smith takes things up a ridiculous notch by making every part of every dish from scratch. Every. Single. Part.

One popular example is a recent grilled cheese lunch Smith made for her kids. Rather than pulling a few slices of Kraft American cheese out of the fridge and pairing it with that Wonder Bread, Nara goes for the time-wasting homemade route.

After prepping bread dough, allowing it to rise and bake, stretching out cheese made from freshly cooked curds, blitzing some freshly made pesto and blending a handcrafted garlic butter log, Nara’s toddlers “absolutely devoured” their meal … after its 5-hour prep time.

Another recent video of Smith’s shares a list of foods she prepares to “make her week just a little bit easier.” If you thought this would include average household staples like jarred pasta sauce or a freshly chopped salad mix, you’d be wrong. Instead, Smith opts for much simpler alternatives, like homemade Cheez-Its and Moroccan meatballs with cinnamon, to stock for last-minute meals.

Despite the arduous recipes featured on Smith’s page, her oddly calming voiceovers paired with her expressionless yet flawless complexion paint the narrative that her ways of cooking are as easy as breathing. However, many in her comment section are quick to point out that Smith is doing far too much for some single-minded toddlers.

“U forgot to plant the wheat first,” @madamoisellemandi commented on her infamous grilled cheese video.

Another user, @kcahcnirun, joked on another TikTok of Smith crafting a homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwich: “If I asked my mom for a pb and j and had to wait 4 hours I would call cps.”

While many on TikTok were already taken aback by Smith’s complicated yet effortless lifestyle, more were shocked to find that the elegant momfluencer does not live abroad in Paris or on the glamorous streets of Beverly Hills, but right here in Dallas. Texas TikToker @texpatpat recently brought this revelation to light after stitching a video of Smith and her family shopping at NorthPark Center last December, where she confirmed in the comment section that they had moved to the area.

“Y’all, I thought they lived in Poland,” @texpatpat said in the video. “How do they make Dallas look like Europe?”

Not all of Smith’s comments are filled with jokes or criticisms; many compliment her cooking skills, fashion sense and commitment to being a good mom. After all, it’s the only lifestyle kids named Rumble Honey and Slim Easy would be raised to expect (yes, those are their real, God-given birth names). Nara Smith has even gone on to inspire several online “tradwife” parodies, including @lex.delarosa, aka “Weird Neck Lady,” who embody her flawless, yet off-putting perfection.

Love her or hate her, Smith is still averaging over 5 million views per TikTok video, so she’s here to stay. For the time being, Dallasites can keep up with her increasingly popular vlogging to find out what kind of grass-fed goats she’ll milk to craft her new infant’s homemade baby formula.


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