Watch: Escaped horses gallop down busy Cleveland highway


Members of Cleveland Police’s mounted unit went on the lamb Saturday, giving their fellow officers a run for their money.

The spectacle unfolded along Interstate 90 in the downtown area, and it was all captured on a nearby Ohio Department of Transportation Traffic camera. Footage shows the two horses trotting into oncoming traffic as drivers stop in their tracks.

An officer tries to block the horses from continuing on the interstate and directs them into an adjacent grassy area. The duo parades on the grass for a bit, but not long after gets back onto the roadway. The escapade takes a different turn as the horses leave the interstate, trot through the grass and pass through a nearby intersection.

They were apparently captured a short time later.

Police told WKYC, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland, that two department horses escaped during routine care and exercise. Both escapees were “promplty recovered…ensuring their safety, and no further incidents ensued.”

While law enforcement might not be thrilled by the escapade, others had a little fun with it on social media — especially knowing the horses weren’t hurt.

“They’re training for the Kentucky Derby,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another said, simply, “We’re free!”

Even ODOT joined in the horseplay, writing, “Some real horsepower on I-90 in downtown Cleveland today. Any injuries? Neigh.”


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